2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event – The second quarter has just begun, and every year is exciting knowing that we’re getting new content, rewards, and skin discounts at the annual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 event. Who doesn’t love a good thing, right? This year’s 515 event follows the ALLSTAR music festival theme, featuring new skins for Rafaela, Mia, Eudora, and Hanabi, as well as performances by sensational K-pop idol group ITZI. ALLSTAR MUSIC FESTIVAL brings back the much-loved promo Diamonds.

ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds is a free game currency that can be used instead of Mobile Legend Diamonds. This can cover 99% of the cost, which means players need at least 1 Mobile Legend Diamond to complete the process. These gems can only be used during the ALLSTAR Mega Sale from April 20 to April 25, 2023 and will expire after that, so don’t forget to enter and take advantage!

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Players can use ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds instead of Mobile Legend Diamonds at 1:1 ratio. Join hundreds of others in April to add epic skins to your collection. There are three events for you to get ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds:

Welcome To Wrexham (442) (92 Games 0 Defeats In The League)

To get you more excited and ready for the event, you can list all the things you can spend your promotional gems on. Best Promo Diamonds like regular Mobile Legends Diamonds can be used to buy:

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds account is limited so it cannot be used to gift characters and skins and buy Starlight cards every month.

Mobile Legends Diamond Redemption, ALLSTAR Promo Diamond will help you save a lot. Pair that with the 5-day ALLSTAR Mega Sale and the savings are huge. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Mpl Philippines Launches Limited Edition Team Battle Emotes To Wrap Up The Regular Season

Legendary skins are the rarest and most premium found in MLBB; Best way to spend ALLSTAR Promo Gems if you ask me. The ALLSTAR Mega Sale will have discounts on everything, so here are some top picks to help you decide!

We hope you get the skins you want, Warrior! Don’t forget to visit Codashop for safe and convenient mobile legend diamond recharge.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

5% off Adi Honkai: Star Rail purchases with Codacash! Description Enjoy 5% off all Hongkai: Star Rail purchases with C… Want to know what Yellow Diamond is in Mobile Legends? If so, check out this article to find out!

New Free Fire Emotes Coming Soon!

What is the use of yellow diamond in Mobile Legends, many Mobile Legends players are now wondering. Because the Yellow Diamond event is currently going on in Mobile Legends. Therefore, it is natural that many players doubt the functionality of yellow diamond.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Most of these questions are from people who are new to playing Mobile Legends. They are mostly confused about what a yellow diamond is and what it does.

Well, in this review, Dafunda Game will try to discuss the use of Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends. Want to discuss? Let’s see this review till the end.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Hi ^_^ This Just A Quick Guide For Using The Promo Diamonds

Yellow Diamond is another name for Diamond Promotion. The yellow gem itself is like a discount coupon that you can use to buy any Mobile Legends skin you want. The presence of the yellow diamond is unique only at certain times or events.

For example, Moonton held a Yellow Diamond promotional event in 2021 as MLBB approached the 515 party event. In 2022, Moonton hosted another Yellow Diamond event in April 2022.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

You want a blue diamond for yourself. Let’s say you have 400 yellow diamonds and want to buy a skin worth 401 diamonds. You need a blue gem. As mentioned earlier, this yellow gem is like a coupon or discount.

New* How To Get Free Diamonds In Mobile Legends 2020!

If you know what yellow diamond is in mobile legend, we will tell you how to get it. To get the yellow diamond, you must complete the available events. For example, the current October 2022 Yellow Diamond event.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

For your information, this Yellow Diamond promo starts on 26th October and ends on 9th November 2022. In this case, how to get Yellow Diamond 2022 is easy, you just need to do few things.

After completing the above mission, you can earn 60 yellow gems per day. In total, you will receive a total of 960 Yellow Diamonds in the next 16 days. Yes, for the top-up mission itself, you are free to top-up any amount as it is already important.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Official Minnesota Twins Website

There has been a discussion about the use of yellow diamonds in Mobile Legends. What do you think about this discussion? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Visit Dafunda Games to not miss any other interesting information about Mobile Legends. 515 Mobile Legends of Carnival Party: Bang Bang is one of the biggest annual events organized by Moonton to celebrate 15th May every year. The event has been held every year since 2016, which means sharing free skins for players. Set in 2022, 515 has a carnival party theme that touches on cyber city animation or futuristic sci-fi, where there are humanoids to defeat.

515 Carnival Party events will begin on April 12, 2022. As shown in the trailer, three (3) exclusive skins will be released for Wanwan, Yinin, and Ling, which will be the second installment of the Aspirants collection. Blade former aspirants of Kibou Fanny and Miss Hikari Laila.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Like last year, this year’s 515 event will have the same game mechanics. Players can choose from three available skins (WanWan, Ling, and Inin) and compete against up to four (4) other friends in each scene.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

All three skins are available for a limited time and can only be purchased until June 5, 2022. If you purchase within the first three (3) weeks, you will receive a special 30% discount.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

When this event starts, the first thing you need to do is enter the 515 Carnival Party lobby, then select the character skin you want and click “Start”. Five (5) steps will then appear, which will be completed in just three (3) days and will be updated every three (3) days.

You need to complete daily tasks to earn points in the next level. The more points you get, the higher your rank will be. When you complete this daily mission, you will fight four (4) other enemies. Every time you win, you get extra points.

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

Get The Legendary Hero Skin And 500 Mlbb Diamonds Now!

The gold and silver tokens you earn can be exchanged for other items in the “Exchange” section in the lower right corner. For players who manage to collect gold tokens, you can exchange them for chests with special skins, legendary skins, and elite skins. Meanwhile, you can exchange yellow gems to buy 1 epic skin or 1 light skin.

Another easy way to get three 515 hero skins is to buy Gems in Seagmill. Of course, you can buy it for less. Click here to buy gems and get 515 skins!

2024 Mlbb Yellow Diamond Event

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