Best Holiday Destinations In December

Best Holiday Destinations In December – Whether you’re looking to soak up some winter sunshine or fully experience Christmas, or just want a month to yourself and want to explore somewhere far and wide, these top December destinations are for you…

December is a great month to travel, whether you want sub-zero temperatures and pristine snow-white landscapes or want to escape the cold at home and soak up the sun on a beach somewhere far away. There are also many unusual cultural festivals and Christmas markets.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Best Holiday Destinations In December

So whether you’re planning a long trip around the world or planning to spend a long holiday weekend somewhere, we’ve got something for you.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In December

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Best Holiday Destinations In December

Famous for being heavily bombed at the end of World War II and a bit gloomy on an overcast day, Dresden’s Saxon center comes alive with color, Christmas cheer and twinkling lights in December.

Dresden’s Christmas market, the Strieselmarkt, is the oldest in Germany, so the history alone is worth a visit. Don’t forget mulled wine, fairground-style merry-go-rounds and classic fruity German dishes

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Winter Holiday Destinations In The Uk

You won’t be able to completely freeze your socks during the winter holidays, because the average temperature for the month is 2°C, but it will still be cold. So warm up and admire the baroque architecture of the Old Town, really relax in the quaint Neustadt (Dresden’s art district) and take a World War II walking tour.

What better place to visit in December than the official home of Santa Claus? Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland and a winter wonderland. With temperatures typically between -4°C and -11°C, piles of snow are guaranteed.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Expect travel experiences that are family-friendly and best suited for nature lovers. You can do everything from meeting St. Old Nick arrives to see the Northern Lights in all their glittering glory deep in the woods. Cuisine is another feature of Rovaniemi, where you can find reindeer, lingonberries and

Europe In Winter: 21 European Cities That Are Even Better In The Off Season

If you want to learn more about what Lapland has to offer, consider a trip to Levi. It has “the cleanest air in the world” and more than 20 kilometers of hiking trails. Get out your snowshoes and get ready for a snowy scene like you’ve never seen before.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

There you go… officially the best months to visit the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. High season is usually from December to February.

This snow sports-friendly region is a popular tourist destination in 2020, but it hasn’t yet reached the peak tourist appeal of Tokyo, so don’t worry about too many people.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Best Holiday Destinations To Visit In Europe In December

– Takes you to Hokkaido’s remote and breathtaking national parks: Daisetsuzan National Park in Higashikawa is home to Mount Asahi, Hokkaido’s highest mountain, and Shikotsu-Toya National Park has hot springs, perhaps best known as Laksakes.

Speaking of hot springs, we can’t think of a better town in the UK to visit while in Bath.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

December The Roman Baths, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will have a special atmosphere as steam rises from what was once a naturally heated public pool.

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Unfortunately, you can’t dive. The water in the Roman baths was purified by pipes built by the Romans, meaning it was not purified to make it safe for bathing. That’s not to say there aren’t spa options in Bath – there are also thermal spas that are safe to swim in.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Naturally, the city, steeped in history and British charm, has its own Christmas market that surrounds the cathedral and adds a bit of festive magic to the streets. The market is usually open until mid-December, so visit in the first half of the month to experience one of the best in the UK.

) warmer than in Finnish Lapland, the southern parts of Sweden are usually around 0°C, while the northern parts of the country see temperatures as low as -10°C.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Best Holiday Destinations: October To December

Luckily, if you pack your bags and stay busy, you can brave the cold and experience what Sweden has to offer. Frozen Stockholm, photographed here at the end of December, is incredibly beautiful and adds to the magic as you stroll through Gamla Stan, the Old Town, enjoy shopping in trendy Södermalm or explore the Museum District.

For something different, like staying overnight in an ice hotel or experiencing wildlife, head north to Kiruna for an elk and reindeer safari. As in Finland, early and deep dark skies will make for the best views of the Northern Lights across the country, so be sure to travel to places with less light pollution during your visit.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

With an average temperature of -0.6°C, Brno in the south of the Czech Republic makes for a long weekend where frostbite is inevitable. Brno is also a great place to get away from an old city like the Czech capital Prague (which is highly recommended if you haven’t seen it in person).

Best Places To Travel In December 2023

Expect gorgeous cityscapes perfect for photography-loving and snow-loving travelers. For history and culture lovers, Brno has several UNESCO World Heritage sites and several medieval castles to spend time in. The 13th century Wavery Castle is a real gem.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Escape the cold and enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch in one of Brno’s many stylish cafes, or warm up in the evening with a bowl of traditional goulash or česnečka (garlic soup).

If you’re looking for December sun, you usually can’t miss Tenerife, the most populous of the seven Canary Islands. The temperature stays around 20°C, if not slightly higher. Tenerife is perhaps best known as a fly-and-miss hotspot.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Warm Places To Visit In December

Yes, the beaches are beautiful, and if you want sun, sea and sand, then you’ve come to the right place. But the island also has an adventurous side, and the best place to explore it is Teide National Park. It’s not only the largest national park in the Canary Islands, it’s also home to Spain’s highest peak, the 7,500 meter Teide Pico Vieja stratovolcano.

Hike to Sinchada Rock, the island’s favorite rock. Rent a bike and follow the countless nature trails. Do you like to travel? Then Pico Viejo is a worthy challenge. When you’re tired, admire the magnificent view of the park from the cable car.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

It’s no secret that manatees – especially West Indian manatees – like to bask in cold and warm water to survive when the temperature drops. Therefore, in December they will head to the Crystal River of Florida, literally swimming with marine life.

Where To Go That’s Hot In December: Hand Picked Destinations

The best place to see manatees is the Crystal River Wildlife Sanctuary from November to March. It’s easy to see these majestic yet peaceful underwater creatures, especially if you get your feet wet on the Great Calusa Blueway or cruise the Pine Island Inlet.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

For us non-marine creatures, Florida’s arid climates average 22 degrees Celsius in December, meaning there’s no reason to explore what else the sunshine state has to offer.

December marks the beginning of the dry season in Cuba, characterized by bright cloudless skies, high temperatures and a serious lack of rain. Perfect if you’re exploring Havana on foot or in a classic convertible.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Europe In Winter: 21 European Cities That Are Even More Charming In The Off Season

Colorful and classically decorated, Havana seemed like an obvious choice and was already at the top of many Cuban visitors’ wish lists. So, when you have some free time, go to different regions of Cuba and explore a part of the country that is off the beaten track.

Baracoa, a traditional sandy seaside town, seems a million miles away from the never-ending hustle and bustle of Havana, but it’s more than just a place to relax – it’s a deep place. Beautiful to visit, one of the first landing spots for explorer Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s. Trinidad has the colorful colonial facades of Havana, less noise, and is an hour away from Santi Spiritus, so it’s worth a stop.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Malaysia can be a minefield at times, so keep things simple during your stay. Stop in the underrated capital of Kuala Lumpur before heading to Penang: a coastal country that offers endless adventures right on the island, the largest Buddhist temple, scrumptious (if spicy) street food that can be found on almost every corner, and a multicultural island. The capital (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) is Georgetown.

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Penang is never short of natural highlights. In particular, Penang Hill is a natural refuge for protected fauna that rises above the city. The cable car ride is well worth it to get there as the views of Georgetown are exceptional.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

December is the last peak season in Goa, so you’ll be sharing the 30°C weather with many other sunbathers. Fortunately, even when crowded, Goa’s beaches are undeniably beautiful.

North Goa is the busiest, so for less crowds, head to South Goa. Kola and Majorda beaches have long stretches of golden sand lined with coconut palms – the picture perfect postcard you’ve been looking for.

Best Holiday Destinations In December

Best Places To Travel In December 2023

Another gem of South Goa is Palolem

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