Celebrate New Year With Family

Celebrate New Year With Family – The end of the year is just around the corner, and you know what that means: New Year’s celebrations. Since this event almost always coincides with the winter school holidays in Pakistan, we are sure you will be looking for ideas to celebrate the new year with your family.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of fun things to do with your family to make the most of New Year’s celebrations.

Celebrate New Year With Family

Celebrate New Year With Family

There is no shortage of ideas for celebrating the New Year with children. So let’s list some fun ways to make the most of this holiday season.

Celebrate New Year Family Fun Day

If you have kids around, chances are you’ll be spending New Year’s Eve at home. But that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate. There are many ways to enjoy the New Year at home. For example, you can call your friends over for dinner, watch a movie, or even enjoy a barbecue in the backyard. Not to mention, if you decide to celebrate the New Year at home, you should arrange everything necessary in advance to avoid last minute problems.

Celebrate New Year With Family

Another exciting way to spend New Year’s Eve is to visit the mall. If you live in these three major cities of Pakistan, you can visit some of the most advanced and large shopping malls in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. From shopping, dining, activities, games, concerts, occasional events and movies, you’ll never run out of things to do with your family at the mall. In addition, all these malls usually prepare various activities for the New Year celebration. You can also check the social media page of the mall you plan to visit on New Year’s Eve or contact the management and call them to see if there is anything special organized for the occasion and plan accordingly.

Seeing the last sunset of the year has its own charm. You can enjoy such a view if you go to the beach. Most likely, this option is only available for people living in Karachi as there are many famous beaches available near the city. Among all these beaches, Sea View Beach, located along Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue in DHA, is the best choice for people celebrating the New Year. To avoid traffic congestion in the city and keep the road network of DHA Karachi clear of traffic, the authorities with the help of the local police are closing all entrances and exits to Sea View Beach, making it inaccessible. Check the news before you leave home.

Celebrate New Year With Family

New Year’s Day

Whether you love the hilltop view at Monal Restaurant in Islamabad or go to your favorite Karachi at one of the most famous highway restaurants in Karachi, celebrating New Year with family and friends at your favorite restaurant is another exciting experience. Many restaurants these days offer deals and discounts for family reservations for special occasions, so be sure to call restaurant management to confirm and ask hours before booking your New Year’s table. .

Planning to visit a theme park on New Year’s Eve? Well, this is a good idea especially if you decide to visit Bahria Adventure Land, Chunky Monkey and Askari Amusement Park in Karachi. From various exciting roller coasters to soothing ferris wheels, these places offer entertainment and fun activities for the whole family. In addition to entertainment, you can find a variety of snacks and food at the various food stalls and kiosks located in the theme park.

Celebrate New Year With Family

The city of Lahore is unparalleled when it comes to street food. The presence of some of the most iconic food streets in the Garden City reflects its love for food. So if you want to spend time enjoying the lights of the city and eating your favorite food, it is a great idea to visit a food street to celebrate the new year with your family. If you live in the city of lights, you can head to Do Darya or Port Grand, which are trendy food streets and one of the most popular nightlife spots in Karachi. Don’t forget to end the New Year’s Eve by watching the fireworks that are now organized in various places around the country.

Asian Family Celebrate Chinese New Year, Family Member Hold Bunting With The Word Of

Note: Many people usually come out to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, causing traffic jams in various parts of the city. So if you want to reach your destination on time, especially during the New Year celebrations, it is in your best interest to leave early.

Celebrate New Year With Family

Now that we have given you tons of creative ideas to celebrate the New Year with your family, it’s time to end this post. Which of these ideas do you like best? Share your thoughts with us here

With New Year just a few days away, let’s make some New Year’s resolutions for a better Pakistan and strive for greatness as a nation in the coming year.

Celebrate New Year With Family

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Yusuf is a passionate writer with an inquisitive mind who loves reading articles and watching documentaries on interesting and trending topics. He prefers to spend his time in company and take care of his pets. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the New Year at home with the kids.

Celebrate New Year With Family

Every New Year’s Eve is the same. You think you’ll go to town and do it right: romantic dining, glamorous entertainment and adventure. But if you have kids, especially young ones, there’s a good chance you’ll be falling asleep on the couch around 9:30 in an episode of Stranger Things.

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But why not celebrate this occasion at home and involve the children? I mean, really, who wants to go out in the cold and spend on price-fixing and babysitters, Amrit?

Celebrate New Year With Family

What’s a New Year’s party without the right hats, noisemakers, poppers and confetti? Get the kids involved in this fun party for your home celebration and have everything ready and waiting for the clock to strike twelve.

Most of us have hours of home videos, but how often do we watch them? Look back on the last night of the year as a great time for your family. Finding the video requires some preparation, but the first step will be fun reliving school plays and family vacations. Make it a real movie experience by making theater-style popcorn and treats.

Celebrate New Year With Family

Family Celebrate On Christmas And Happy New Year At Home. Mom And Kid Lifestyle On The End Of Year Stock Image

Try New Year’s traditions from Colombia, Ecuador and other Latin countries. Create a doll to represent Año Viejo (the old year) out of sturdy paper or cardboard. “Dress it up” by drawing clothes on it or gluing on scraps of old clothes from each family member. Write down your mistakes and mishaps on a piece of paper. Cut Año Viejo at exactly midnight. If there is a fire in your fireplace, put the pieces in and let them burn. As Año Viejo fades, read aloud a list of mistakes and misfortunes so they disappear with the old year.

Cheese fondue is simply fun. For fondue, you need a heavy pot, a hot plate or burner to keep the fondue warm on the table, some long forks and some crusty bread. Cut the bread into bite-sized pieces, put a little crust on each piece. When the stock is ready, we all gather around the pot and dip the bread into the melted cheese.

Celebrate New Year With Family

If you drop your piece of bread in the pot, tradition dictates that you must either kiss the person to your left, kiss everyone at the table, or pay the amount of the loss made by others at the table.

Free Sacramento New Year’s Eve Events For The Family

Watch family-friendly movies. Shop for snacks. Grab a deck of cards and start a board game. Spread pillows and sleeping bags or blankets on the floor and turn in for the night. Cook one of your favorite dishes and eat it by candlelight in the living room. Look who’s awake at midnight!

Celebrate New Year With Family

If your children are young, it can be difficult to keep them down for a midnight celebration. So celebrate midnight in another country while it’s still early in your part of the world. Get excited by playing music and serving food from that country. You can celebrate the new year

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