New Tekken 7 Characters

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We’ve taken a look at the last two seasons of Tekken 7 to compile a list of the best Tekken 7 characters on PC.

Tekken 7 Characters

Tekken 7 Characters

Tekken 7 has been around for years and with a roster of over 50 fighters, people have found their favorites. While a character’s power level is a factor in increasing or decreasing pick rates, players tend to be familiar faces.

Asuka Kazama And Leroy Smith Revealed As Brand New Tekken 8 Characters At Evo Japan 2023

A few months ago, Reddit user Olba collected the information available and the results were fascinating. Below you can find the character popularity chart.

Tekken 7 Characters

Unsurprisingly, at the top is badass American Paul Phoenix. There is something very satisfying about his playing. Whether it’s his meaty shots, ability to throw a half-lifebar, or his strong nature, he doesn’t look like he’s looking to relinquish his spot for the foreseeable future.

The next two positions have not changed either. He remains Kazuya Mishima’s favorite player representative, and Crazy Psychopath Bryan is not relinquishing his position after taking over from Armor King last year.

Tekken 7 Characters

Download Epic Tekken Characters Showdown Wallpaper Wallpaper

In fourth place we have newcomer Phakkumram. The developers were right to believe that giving the community a traditional Thai Muay Thai practitioner would be successful.

Leroy is the last member to beat Armor King in the top 5. Since its release it has continued to rise, slowly but steadily climbing the charts.

Tekken 7 Characters

Still losing ground and bleeding his reputation is the Armor King. Last year it was third and this year it has already dropped to sixth. However, the recent round of fans may have attracted its audience, so it is likely that it will be higher in the next rankings.

What’s New In Tekken 7

The next four spots are taken by the usual suspects: Dragunov, Devil Jin, Jin and King. They like almost the same number of people, so they keep switching positions.

Tekken 7 Characters

One of the more surprising characters at the bottom of this list is the one that caused the community’s ire – Akuma. Although it is very powerful when played with skill and perfection, many have not even felt the urge to choose it.

Along with Akuma, at the bottom of this list is another 2D character – Eliza. It’s cool as a button, but Tekken players love 3D.

Tekken 7 Characters

Best Tekken 7 Characters For Your Playstyle

On the other hand, it would not be surprising to see Santa Claus and pandas further away. This probably doesn’t need much explanation – they aren’t very good and aren’t as interesting as many other fighters.

Apart from them, there are very few newcomers to Tekken 7, Zafina and Ganryu. While this is somewhat understandable with Japanese rikishi, it is surprising that Zafina is so far away. This is likely to change somewhat, but it is very strong and prominent even in the pro scene.

Tekken 7 Characters

Let’s see the full list of characters. A small note: this ranking shows the data before the release of Lidija Sobieska.

The Inspirations Behind Tekken’s Iconic Characters

If you want to see all of them up close, you can do so on our Tekken 7 character list page.

Tekken 7 Characters

We’d love to help you start your Tekken 7 journey. Check out our Top 10 Tekken 7 Characters for Beginners article to make your life a little easier, or check out more detailed guides on our YouTube channel.

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