Verizon Insurance Claim

Verizon Insurance Claim – Imagine you bought a new phone and it started malfunctioning a month after you got it. Bad luck, right? There are insurance companies for such situations and Asurion is one of them.

Asurion is a large and well-known American company from Tennessee that specializes in insuring many items: phones, tablets, other technically complex goods, household appliances, jewelry and much more. By becoming a customer of the company, you can protect the value of your belongings against loss, damage, theft or breakdown.

Verizon Insurance Claim

Verizon Insurance Claim

If you claim that your device or item is lost, stolen or damaged, you usually need to support the claim with various documents. Asurion F-017-08-MEN, also known as Certificate and Proof of Loss, is a frequently used template for those who have experienced such problems and need compensation.

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You must be a customer of the company. Today, becoming a customer of Asurion is easy: you don’t need to go to the company’s office, the registration and payment process can be completed on the official website.

Verizon Insurance Claim

Asurion must support your carrier, and the list of carriers is long: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and more.

After registration, you will receive your account, which you will use in case something goes wrong with your device and you decide to make a claim.

Verizon Insurance Claim

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If your device breaks, is stolen, or stops working properly, please use this form. You must submit it along with your ID and Asurion will process your case. The insurance industry in the United States is well developed, and victims are usually compensated regardless of the property insured.

Claim reports are widely used in the insurance industry; many companies use these documents to avoid fraud that can come from customers who want to receive money illegally.

Verizon Insurance Claim

Looking for other PDF formats? Check out the selection below to see what you can fill and change with our tool. Also remember that you can upload, complete and edit any PDF document.

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To properly create an Asurion F-017-08-MEN (Affidavit and Proof of Loss) record, you must have clear instructions at hand. Check them out below.

Verizon Insurance Claim

Our form builder software makes it easy to get all the forms you need. Use it to download the template you want.

Asurion recommends filling in the form with a pen with black or blue ink. Print the form and proceed to the next step.

Verizon Insurance Claim

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Under the heading you will see two messages. One of them warns of the need to submit a copy of the identity card. It also reminds you that you must be the account owner to create such documents.

Another notice informs signatories that insurance fraud is a crime in the United States. If you lie on your application, you can face penalties and even jail time.

Verizon Insurance Claim

After reading both posts, you can start filling out the template. In the first section, you must describe the broken or lost device. Include claim ID number and wireless connection number. Then enter the device manufacturer, model and unique serial number (also called ESN, MEID, IMEI, depending on the device).

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If you don’t know where to find your device’s serial number, you can find it on the box you bought it in, on the back of the device, or in the customer agreement. For Android or Apple device owners, you can find the information in Accounts or Settings on your device.

Verizon Insurance Claim

You must honestly and thoroughly explain exactly what happened to your device. On the first line, select one of four options: your device is lost, stolen, damaged, or not working.

Then show when and where it happened. The last part of this section contains blank lines so you can add more details and describe what happened.

Verizon Insurance Claim

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As the device and account owner, you must also introduce yourself. You must provide your name, primary and alternate phone numbers, email address, and billing address (which includes your state, zip code, and city).

First of all, you must agree on the statements written above the signature line. These statements remind you of the legal consequences of fraud and ask you to check your claim. Once you have read and understood everything, you can sign and date the document.

Verizon Insurance Claim

Once you have completed the form, it is important that you submit the document correctly to avoid delays in your case.

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The first page of the template contains instructions for submitting a confirmation. We will also post them here for your convenience.

Verizon Insurance Claim

There are two ways to submit the form: online and by fax. You can choose the one that suits you best. However, Asurion recommends that you submit your entry online.

To submit online, in addition to creating and signing a certificate, you must scan it with a valid photo ID. You can use an ID, passport, driver’s license or consular card (issued in Mexico). Your ID must be valid and the name on it must match the name on the certificate to be submitted. After completing both scans, submit them on Asurion’s official phone claim website.

Verizon Insurance Claim

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To submit by fax, you must print, sign and scan the form, scan your photo ID and fax both documents to Asurion’s fax number (listed in the template).

Before sending anything, make sure all documents are legible, your photo ID is visible, and all information entered is correct.

Verizon Insurance Claim

Generally speaking, regardless of the company that insures your belongings, there are certain pitfalls associated with submitting such forms. If you lose an insured item or someone takes it from you, read the insurance policy first. This information explains how to make a claim correctly.

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Usually such procedures have their own deadline; you have to make sure you don’t miss it. If you’re unsure after reading a company’s policy, check your state’s laws or consult with an attorney: sometimes the law overrides a local policy created by a company. Finally, remember that you cannot lie on these applications and all information you provide must be accurate.

Verizon Insurance Claim

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